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With so many watches available, we understand it can be a staggering undertaking to find the perfect watch for yourself or as a gift. You can spend hours, days, even weeks looking at all the options and still only scratch the surface. Many brands themselves offer 100's of variations within their own lines, confusing things even more.

We are here to help. We have spent the weeks and months looking high and low, here and there to put together out top selections across not just price ranges, but styles, movements, genres, even brands, and present them here for you to consider and make your life a little easier.

Whenever possible we will also source as many places to buy the exact same watch, finding you the best deals. We will advise you where you can get the same watch, some times at incredible discounts if you are willing to fore go the overnight shipping options (meaning shipped slow boat from china to save you up to 80% over retail). We also know waiting can suck, so will also get you a link where to get the exact watches we are presenting here on our site. Our sourcing will only be from reputable sellers, so you can rest easy, no black market or unvetted sources will be used.

All watches presented here will also be thoroughly researched and reviewed by ourselves and/or trusted reliable sources, giving you a strong consensus review score and not just taking the word of the watch makers and sellers, giving you even more peace of mind with your purchase decision.

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Micro Brand Spotlight BOLDR
"Designed to be worn, used and abused every day, our products are made to be #toughenough for all of life's adventures, whatever they may be and wherever they may take you."

Casio, Seiko, Timex, Swatch, Hamilton, Citizen, Tag Heuer, Cartier, Omega, Rolex. These are the names most people know when you talk about watches.

Each and every one produce a great watch or two, widely available and ranging in price, with thousands of models to choose from, many with just slight variations on a theme.

What we want to talk about here are the lessor know MICRO BRANDS. They are the watches coming from small one man shops or small boutiques who design and produce some of the more interesting time pieces available today. They push the design boundaries, are not afraid to try new materials or ideas and at time offer watches that appeal to small niche markets or watch collectors.

One advantage of the micro brands is you are not likely to run across someone wearing the same watch. They also offer some very attractive value for money watches, usually with extra perks, such as an extra, alternative watch band, or shipped in watch rolls etc.

Take a minute and look at some of our select Micro Brands we feel offer the best deals and watches.

We will find you the best reviewed, best quality and value for money watch in the style and budget you desire, and show you where to get it!
(best of all - completely free!)

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Your time is valuable. We are here to help. Sourcing, Seaching and Reviewing Watches is what we do, all day every day. Call it a passion, an obsession, or even a little crazy. We love watches. All watches, but more than that, we love finding watches that offer super value for money spent. We will bring you only the best of the best. Our goal is to make wrist watches the fashion statement and must have item in the 21st century and beyond.

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Unless you are a watch collector, fan, aficionado, hoarder or just really into watches, the sheers numbers are crazy (but in a good way). That can leave the average person just looking for a good watch at a fair price a little overwhelmed. What they usually do is buy the "trendy watch of the moment", or some "popular" watch that, while is popular for a reason, may not be the right watch for you or if you are looking for a gift, may miss the mark completely.

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There are watches, and then there are watches that become the start of a collection, or a family heirloom, or the perfect piece that matches the character and personality of the owner. Looking for the gift for the person who has everything? From just a couple dollars to crazy expensive, from simple to super complicated, watches are "THE PERFECT GIFT". Functional jewelery, masculine bracelets, status symbol, expression of personality, etc... a watch covers all the bases.

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For one reason or another, there are some watches we recommend above all. They have that "IT" factor. Offer the very best value for money, and the look great. When looking to purchase a watch, especially as a gift, you can not go wrong with any of these watches. Seriously, it would be impossible to go wrong with any of these watches.


Timex Expedition Scout 40

Tested to withstand the elements, Timex Expedition watches are rugged tools built as a trusted companion for exploration.
A Quartz driven Metal Field for under 50 USD

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Tonnier Field Watch

Tonnier Weekender Day Date Field Watch - Worth every penny
A Quartz driven Alloy Field for under 25 USD

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Casio Duro

Casio MDV106 200M Diver, AKA the Duro or Marlin
A Quartz driven Stainless Steel Diver for under 50 USD

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Citizen ProMaster Eco-Drive

Citizen Diver ProMaster Eco-Drive Model: BN0085-01E ISO Certified 300m Diver
A Quartz driven Stainless Steel Diver for under 200 USD

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Guanqin GJ16025
Under $80.00 USD